Active Proteins

Active protein

Proteins are large biomolecules (or macromolecules), consisting of one or more long chains of amino acid residues. Most proteins have unique three-dimensional structures. The way a protein folds naturally is known as its native conformation.

Whether a protein can be modified and folded into the correct three-dimensional conformation. Is it an active protein (or a protein with activity), or is it an inactive protein? The transition can be caused by things like strong acid and heat that destroy or deactivate the protein.

In this category, all proteins are produced under a rigorous quality control system and their biological activity has been validated. We make sure they are active proteins. Furthermore, these proteins are characterized by their high purity and low endotoxin. And they’re stored as freeze-dried powder for better stability, most without labels, so they’re closer to native proteins.

Product characteristics

  • High Purity: >97%
  • Low endotoxin: less than 1.0 EU/µg as determined by the LAL method.
  • Active verification: biological activity up to > 1.0 × 109 IU/mg.
  • Uniform Delivery Form: Lyophilized Powder.
  • Tag Type: Tagless
  • Carrier Free: dissolved in PBS before lyophilization, without BSA.
  • Animal-free.
  • Delivery time: In stock. Fast delivery within 5-10 business days.
  • Price and Size: Different sizes available and competitive prices.
  • Standard COA for each item.
  • Complete the technical sheet of each article.

The term biologically active proteins are almost redundant. All proteins produced by living things are, by their very nature, biologically active to some extent in their homologous species. In this review, a subset of these proteins that are biologically active in heterologous systems will be discussed. The isolation and characterization of novel proteins from natural product extracts, including those derived from microorganisms, plants, insects, terrestrial vertebrates, and marine organisms, will be reviewed and grouped into several distinct classes based on their biological activity and structure.